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; yet even the plumber and ▓the carpenter continue to be shut out ●from houses where they have been sent for, un●less they are we


ll acquainted with na●tive tricks. “Now as to your case”—he▓ needed no enlightenme


nt as to my er▓rand, evidently—“you need clothes, of course.● Ordinarily, I have sever

al s●uits on hand, sent

by Englishmen in the● city; but there has been such a run of Ge▓rman tramps that I have noth●ing

left.I shall have som

ething before long,● surely.Meanwhile, I will give you a ●four-day ticket to the Asile Rudolp●h,

our Society building.What i?/p>

駍 your trade” “I have worked as car▓penter, mason, blacksmith, stevedore—” “●Good! Goo


d!” said the rector.“You should fi▓nd work easily.If you don’t, come back▓ when your ticket runs out.I▓ shall call Maghmoód up on the carpe▓t.Good-day, my man.” I hastened to▓ join the German. “That’s ▓good as a beginning,” he said, as I displayed t●he ticket, “It shows you are on the trai●l, and you can work him for tickets for tw▓o or three weeks.But I

must▓ get back to my desk.Follow this avenue to● the parade grounds; where you saw the Khe▓dive’s guard drilling, you know.The Asile ●is close by.” An Arab café in Old ●Cairo 201In a side street in which▓ sprawled and squalled native infants uncount●able, I tugged at a bell rope protruding ▓from a stern brick wall, and was admi●tted by a bare-legged Arab to the cou


rtyard of ●the Asile Rudolph.The superintendent, seated ▓before the “office,” called ?/p>

駀or my ticket.He was a

sprightly Englishman, in▓ the autumn of life, long a captain in th●e Black Sea service, and still

known to all a▓s “Ca

p Stevenson.” Around tw●o sides of the court were the kitchen and slee●ping-rooms of the male inm

ates●.Opposite the entrance

tower▓ed the Women’s Asile, a blank wall e▓xcept for one window opening, through which the ●Eng

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